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History of Gowrie Station

Gowrie Station was established by Gordon and Flood in 1864. The
first homestead was where the Cattle Camp Hotel is situated. The
town of Charleville was established a few years after. Gowrie was
3000 square miles and stretched on both sides of the Warrego, from
Wyandra to Augathella. The homestead was shifted to its present
site before the turn of the century. The property was whittled away
over the years and is now 80, 000 acres.

We purchased Gowrie with a Simmental Bull and 60 Poll Herefod
heifers in 1981. It soon became evident that the progeny
outperformed the straight bred cattle. We purchased several
Simmental Bulls from Dunmore and Drawmar and crossed them over
bos indicus cows. The results were astounding.

The stud was established in 1983 using top quality Simmental bulls
over quality high grade Brahman cows. We now run 800 registered
Simbrah & Simmental females and aim to join 1,000 by 2012.
Our aim is to breed cattle that are suitable to the requirements of
most markets. Fertile and easy handling cattle that are adaptable
to various climatic conditions. We know that Simbrahs have the
ability to enable us to achieve all of the above and more.

Since 1986 we have been selling bulls to clients throughout the
South West and Central Queensland and as far south to Coolah in
NSW and north to the Gulf. In recent years we have sold bulls and
stud heifers to clients in the Phillipines with 80 stud heifers being
used as tropical dairy cows. Exposing another strength of the
breed, their milking ability, which is inherited from the dual
purpose milk beef breed, the Simmental.



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