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BANNER ABOVE: Trent Minnett Gowrie Simbrah & Simmental Stud and Lot 37 Highest priced bull 2015 being watched by Jonte & Colte!

Gowrie now runs 720 registered females, increasing to 1000 by the year 2012, we also have a substantial commercial Simbrah herd. The Gold Park Simmental Herd was purchased.

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Upcoming Sires

Foundation Sires

2004 Royal Queensland Show

2004 Brisbane Show

Gowrie Pastoral Company's RNA Champion Pen of Trade Cattle had an average weight of 499kg, selling at auction for 380c/kg live. The highest price for a pen of steers at the RNA, returning $1900 per head.

2003 Roma Beef Bonanza

In September 2003, the Gowrie Simbrahs were successful in winning the Pen of grainfed Jap Ox and were second place-getters in the pen of grainfed heavy steers. "New Luscar" Simbrahs, won the Pen of grainfed heavy heifers, while "Beauchamp" Simbrahs won pen of grainfed heavy steers and were successful in obtaining the title of Grand Champion Pen for the second year in a row. 2003 Royal Queensland Show Gowrie Simbrahs backed up their win from 2002 with a strong showing, receiving third prize in the highly coveted Prime Section for the Pen of 540kg to 600kg class. These boys made 222c/kg liveweight at the auction, the second top price per kg in a sale that had a top price of 224c/kg.

2002 Royal Queensland Show

2002 Brisbane Show

The Gowrie Simbrah Stud were successful in winning first in the 640 to 710kg class and second in the 540 to 600kg class, as well as the grand champion pen. Once again, all of these winners were Simbrahs. The above steers achieved dressing percentages of 63%. The Royal Queensland Prime Cattle section was considered by many to be the best overall showing of cattle ever exhibited in Brisbane. Pictured here in the Queensland Country Life are Noel & Jill Mobbs with their Grand Champion Pen of Prime Cattle

Beef 2000 - Rockhampton

A success in 2000 for the stud were a pen of 10 heavy weight Japanese Ox Simbrah bullocks from milk to 4 teeth with an average weight of 841kg. These bullocks sold for 165c/kg, returning $1,387 per head-the highest price per head of the fat or store cattle at Beef 2000.


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